Programme-Prayer stage 2016


B1 9.30 – Here the concert is given by the audience with support from the musicians. Express your own prayers together with others. Concerts led by:



Michał Rassek

Young songwriter and guitarist from Poznań. His music is a combination of guitar rock with atmospheric message of acoustic guitar, remaining thematically in the gospel area. The band features Michał (vocal and guitar), Tymek Śnieżek (electric guitar), Paweł Ludwiczak (bass guitar) i Jakub Ziemba (drums). Artist’s debut album ”Nie musisz się bać” („You don’t have to be afraid”) was released at the end of 2014.



Rafał Janowski & the band

Charismatic vocalist and guitarist, talented songwriter. His songs touch the heart and encourage to reflect about the world around us.

Rafał is a pastor in the Rescue Church in Dublin where he lives, serves and creates. He will be performing with the band that accompanies him at worship and praise meetings and at evangelization concerts in Poland. Join them in a joint search for God’s presence and giving glory to Jesus.


FRIDAY 08.07


The band members live in different cities all over Poland. They got together thanks to Krzysztofa Gołuchowska – a charismatic guitarist with funky spark. Join us in that moment, when people from several cities, with different experience, inspirations and styles meet, the drummer gives the beat and suddenly everything becomes a whole of glorifying God.




A music project that originated from a heartfelt need to worship, consisting of Tom Bednarek, Marcin Karel, Samuel Gajewski, Paweł i Jadzia Zarecki, Anna Bratek and Kacper Popek. It is an interesting fusion of various music styles focused on encountering God.

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