Programme-Seminars 2012

Dan Hash under the Tree

Dan Hash, a citizen of the world, almost a native-born Silesian and friend of SLOT for years, will be leading the cycle of seminars under the tree!

Dan’s critical moment in his friendship with SLOT was when he came with the extreme sport team in 2010. Each day his seminars entitled, “Limping Along – when you want to fly but can barely walk”, drew more and more people to the sport café.

Dan has lived in Poland for about 20 years while leading youth camps, working with the Institute for the Development of Men and the “Fala” Association. He’s a close friend and a secret advisor to the sport guys and passionate about his classic  VW Transporter.

Dan Hash

Andrzej Burzyński – Enjoy Life More Fully

A beloved figure with SLOT people, Andrzej will present a cycle of seminars entitled, “Enjoy Life More Fully”:

  1. How to create a successful relationship
  2. How to befriend emotions
  3. How to have a real adventure
  4. How to be happy

Andrzej Burzyński is a certified trainer with MSTEAM. He specializes in a wide variety of personal coaching as well as teaching groups practical steps of motivation, setting goals, leading a group and sales. He’s the author of the Polish book, “Przebacz i Uwolnij Siebie” (Forgive and Free Yourself) and runs his own training firm, KOAH.

Andrzej Burzyński at SAF 2011, foto: Mateusz Bilski

Jan Masajada – Tomorrow

Many people have made a fortune on proclaiming their view of tomorrow. I don’t expect any profit in proposing this theme for SLOT, except for a gathering of those who are tempted by the fun of guessing the future. We’ll begin with a trip to the roots of tomorrow- yesterday. By looking at yesterday we can see more clearly what tomorrow might hold. On the 2nd day of SLOT we’ll look at the tomorrow of technology and science.  Day 3 is reserved for the tomorrow of culture. Will today’s 20-somethings gripe in 30 years about the new times because they can’t find their way in the changed reality? And finally, personal tomorrow. Can we plan our future?


Asia i Janusz Żydek: Love- what’s it all about?

Unfailing in their stories and advice about relationships, Asia and Janusz are taking on the topic of love:

  1. What happens to love after the wedding?
  2. How to express love and be understood
  3. Gourmet Sex
  4. Conflict- how not to be destroyed

Asia and Jan Żydek will celebrate their 22nd wedding anniversary during SLOT this year? They’re parents of two adult children (who are also part of SLOT). Asia and Janek both have degrees in theology and Asia has a degree in Family and Court Mediation, together they have done marriage and family counseling for years including 8 years of pre-marriage and marriage counseling. They’ve experienced and believe that nothing gives such satisfaction and joy like a lasting and successful marriage.

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