Programme-Small Stage 2012

Small Stage 2012

Each day has a certain theme. For the first three days the public and a jury will chose a band to open the concert on the Main Stage the next evening. The voting takes place during the last concert of each day.

Wednesday, July 11 Thursday July 12 Friday July 13

Saturday, July 14

(reggae/ska day) (RockDay) (LaidiesDay) (No contest today)
Cztery metry od chodnika The Daybreak Project Boso Kaw-Tseer
Exit Cinemon NaSenNie Bezsensu
ReForma Polish Gitarre Poison Words 3 kluski śląskie


Wednesday, July 11, ?Three Colors- red, yellow and green!?

Bands somewhere in the reggae, ska and rock genre. We?ll sway and jump to these dynamic concerts. Come and feel the pulse and help decide who plays on the Main Stage.

17.30 Cztery metry od chodnika
18.15  Exit
19.00 ReForma

Thursday July 12, ?There?s no roses without thorns- no SLOT without rock?

Rock Day. Rock in twos, threes and fours served up fast. Even though each band plays rock they all sound different. It?ll be solid and real.

17.30 The Daybreak Project
18.15  Cinemon
19.00 Polish Gitarre

Friday July 13, ?Ladies take the mic!?

Bands with female singers. It?ll be gentle, electric and savage. Last chance for voting.

17.30 Boso
18.15  NaSenNie
19.00 Poison Words

Saturday, July 14, ?Game Over?

No contest today. The stage will open with a post-industrial show, then alternative rock and finally acoustic grunge.

17.30 Kaw-Tseer
18.15 Bezsensu
19.00 3 kluski śląskie

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