Programme-Small Stage 2016


A2 15.00-17.00 – Contest Stage is a place, where young, ambitious bands have the opportunity of confronting their music with broader audience. This year’s bands represent very diverse genres of music – from rock and alternative through blues, pop, folk to grunge and metal. Come to the Carriage House and choose the band you think is best. The winner will give a concert on the Main Stage the next day.


Paulina Lenda & Kruki

15.00, rock / grunge / blues-rock

The works of the band can be described as widely understood rock music with elements of grunge, psychedelic and blues-rock. Rock sound of the guitar combined with funky bass, jazzy groove-keeping drumset and a soul-inclined vocalist – this is the She-wolf and the pack of Crows.


15.45, rock

The Czaqu band plays energetic, rhythmical and melodic rock. Among contests they’ve won there was the „Pejzaż bez Ciebie” contest for interpretation of songs by Grzegorz Ciechowski and „Przebojem na antenę” contest by Polish Radio. They’ve performed several hundred concerts and released three albums – the last one was „Generacja lalek” („The doll generation”).


16.30, rock / metal

Remove will clean your hard drive and fill it with energetic and electrifying grunge-metal with a fair dose of electronica and ethno sounds. In 2016 the band has released its debut album „rm –rf”.



15.00, folkstep / DnB / dubstep

Over three years of activity, three mini-albums, three videclips, dozens of concerts performed. ROD’s music though largely based on contemporary sounds of electronic music (mainly dnb) includes a fair dose of archaic sounds of early instruments and insane bass guitar parts.


15.45, pop / rock / blues

A duo that shared the stage with Ania Dąbrowska, Natalia Kukulska, Piotr Cugowski and Kuba Badach in the Tribute to Michael Jackson Symphonically project. Finalists and laureates of many contests and festivals. They’ve supported Electrick Light Orchestra and Mick Hucknall (Simply Red) among others.

Deep Down Inside

16.30, indie pop / folk

Depp Down Inside’s music is an outstanding medley of indie-pop folk nostalgia and jazz lightness that are bonded together by an emotional vocal. In June 2015 band’s first EP – „Feather and Stone” – was released. The album consists of magical, original compositions, emotional texts and charismatic vocal.

FRIDAY 08.07


15.00, metal / metalcore

A band from Wrocław, which beginnings date back to 2007. Throughout the years the line-up of the band changed but it stabilized in 2011. Band’s music oscillates around metal. Currently Synapsa is on the „Confession Tour” promoting their new release „Confession”.


15.45, rock / metal

Music by SROGO is based on heavy, dirty guitar sounds, core section and melodic while aggressive vocal and Polish lyrics full of insinuations and metaphors. Charismatic vocal on stage, contact with the audience and creative sincerity are things that speak through the band during their concerts.


16.30, post grunge / garage

Musicians themselves say: „We play what we like and the way we want. And we want and like sounds from Seattle of the 90s the most. We throw into that inspiration a lot of heart and Polish, little garage’y spirit – and we get the firecracker. We only sing about important things – about relation with other man – Love, heart and the search for Truth.”



15.00, schizofolk

Alternative, folk. Punk and rustic. Genre outsiders, because it’s energy that matters. And electrical and electronic in addition. In the beginning of the year they released „Blomkul”, their first album. Don’t let that vegetarian tone fool you (blomkul means „cauliflower” in Silesian), because their tracks are not lacking in meat, blood as well as magic and lyrical mystery.


15.45, indie /alternatywa

Holic is a classic rock trio, that put the rhythm, sound and composition first. They are currently working on an album that will see the light of day in 2016.

Follow The Sun

16.30, post-rock / alternatywa

Follow The Sun is an instrumental quartet from Silesia. It’s a mixture of emotion, space and imagination contained in very atmospheric guitar compositions. The band was founded in 2014. One year later they have registered their first EP material, that was released in the beginning of 2016.

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