Programme-Social Initiatives 2014



A zone of knowlede and experience touching topics close to the human hearts. Disability? Ukraine conflict? Powerty? The Third World? Persecutions? These are some of the topics you will be confronted with once you take part in our activities. The Social Initiatives Zone is:

SOCIAL INITIATIVES FAIR in the courtyard (location 38), open daily in the afternoon

SOCIAL FILMS see here.

MEETINGS with NGOs, 17:30

Thursday, 10.07, ArtRoom’s big room, location 5
Why helping isn’t difficult? The Foundation Open Dialogue will describe its engagement in helping Ukraine.

Friday, 11.07, room 20
Youth vs. dictatorship (by The Free Belarus Initiative)
Two short documentaries about young Belarussians’ active citizenship. A discussion on the opposition against Łukaszenka’s dictatorship expressed by the youth in Poland and in Belarus will take place after the screening.

Saturday, 12.07, room 20
Jump on a higher level… The Noble Box Project

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