Programme-Unplagged 2013

Come join us for some tea after the craziness of the main stage and listen to the following performers in the Small Courtyard.

Tuesday July 9

Dvornik R’M’B Trio

The band is made up of Mateusz Dwornik on string bass, percussionist Mateusz Maniak and pianist Bartek Ziętara. Their repertoire consists of original compositions by Dvornik which were inspired by modern jazz and firmly rooted in jazz trends in hip hop. Their arrangements are influenced by a wide variety of artists and styles ranging from Led Zeppelin to gospel. Dvornik comes from a Pentecostal family so that comes naturally to him. Szymon Chudy, who is well known with audiences, will join the band on guitar in Lubiaz.


Wednesday July 10

Michał Król

Michał Król, a 22 year old artist, is making his solo debut tonight. He is already well known as a song-writer and member of the group Zdobywcy and his songs are sung in many fellowships around Poland. He?s a graduate of the Hillsong International Leadership College in Australia where he studied worship music. The power of his songs come from the texts which flow from his heart and are a cry to the Savior as well as the simple melodies that quickly stay in your head.


Thursday July 11

Janek Samołyk

Janek Smolyk is a vocalist, guitarist and song-writer from Wroclaw. He?s been performing since 2008, has won many competitions and even did a tour of China! He put out an album three years ago and last year released a second one, ?Problem z wiernością? (Problem with Faithfulness) which he will promote at SAF. His music is a mix of Brit Rock and Polish sung poetry. He?ll be joined in concert by:

Przemysław Mikołajczyk (keyboards), Patrycja Stefanowska (violin, vocal), Piotr Wojniusz (bass) and Mateusz Brzostowski (percussion).

janek samolykratuszniak


Friday July 12


Kapelanka is a project among friends from Zakopane and Częstochowa. Their love of music and the city of Krakow, where they all live now, is their common factor. The band is made up of young and very ambitious musicians: Ania Seman, Mikołaj Kubicki, Michał Paluch, Łukasz Pospieszalski, Wawrzyniec Topa, Kamil Januszek and Mateusz „Hulba” Hulbój

The group has recorded an EP of four songs plus two videos. Their cover of ?Tightrope? by American soul artist, Janelle Monae, was noticed by her and praised on her official Twitter page.



Saturday July 13


This band plays ethno/jazz/folk but the members are determined to make sure their music is ?Polish?. Throughout you?ll hear modern, acoustic arrangements of old themes and folk melodies as well as original compositions with Polish texts.

Poleka - kwadrat

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