Programme-Unplagged 2014

SCENA UNPLUGGED, Wirydarz/Inner Garden, location 47, 0:30

Unplugged stage doesn?t mean playing without electricity. Energetic, young and ambitious artists will present their compositions in a little calmer convention. But still with power, passion and brisk. Concerts after midnight is a good time for meditation, observation and absorbing with your whole self everything that the artists on Unplugged want to hand to you.

Tuesday 08.07

Michał Rassek

Michał is a young but experienced writer and composer. For eight years he writes, composes and records his own compositions . Plays songs stylistically very different from bard songs, through acoustic pop to rock-pieces. Gospel-like lyrics reflect the greatest passion in Michał?s life ? living with God and friendship with him. What he values most in music is sincerity and truth and that?s what he wants to share in his creations. From the end of 2013 the bands line-up is Michał Rassek ? guitar/vocals, Jakub Ziemba – drums Jakub Muszkiet – keyboards.

Wednesday 09.07

J.A.S.S Trio

Line-up formed in 2013 as a fruit of improvised music fascination. Debut material of the group, entitled KOSMODROM (space station), is nine original compositions, in which fascination with classic of Polish film music are combined with radical textures of modern improvised music. Good reviews after every concert are a guarantee of an unforgettable experience at SAF as well.
The band consist of: Stanisław Słowiński (acoustic violin electric violin, viola), Justyn Małodobry (double bass), Adam Stępniowski (drums).

Thursday, 10.07

Johannes Kraenzlin

Soaked with atmosphere of growing up in a missionaries family Singer and composer, who happened to live in various parts of the world today calls New Zealand his home. Collaborating among others with Paweł ?Bzim? Zarecki and many other musicians from all over the world in 2012 released an album On the back hills of Bethlehem, and currently he is releasing another one entitled For your freedom, and for ours. Strong element of Hans music are his life experiences and his desire to get to know God.

Friday, 11.07


One day two guys from Belarus decided to form a rock band. After some time three others decided to join them and that?s how Nuteki came to be. This Belarussian-Russian line-up, as the musicians say themselves, wants to achieve the global level and win the conquer the first places of the charts. It is very possible they will succeed, for enthusiasm and their engagement in music they create is unparalleled. After Wednesday?s concert on the Main Stage it is worth seeing Nuteki as an unplugged version.

Saturday, 12.07


Frist correct association is with a box of well brewed tea. The group formed in march 2007 in Giżycko. The band performed at more than a dozen contests and festivals, and the vocalist Joanna Zubkowicz has appeared in TV shows Bitwa Na Głosy (battle of voices) and The Voice of Poland. Lately the group focuses on acoustic sounds, which shows completely new capabilities of the T-BOX formation. Acoustic rock? Of course we can!
Line-up: Joanna Zubkowicz ? vocals, Paweł Mułyk ? acoustic guitar, Paweł Wasilewski ? bass guitar, Piotr Janowski ? percussions and Mariusz Sikorski ? saxophone.

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