Sphere of dialogue

Morning 09:00

Awakening of spirit

A1 / Wednesday?Saturday / 11?14.07

Morning meditation and after it come join us for a coffee and breakfast. After those, morning talks about Christianity open for other religions, spirituality in a multicultural world, philosophy, wisdom and fulfilled life.

Invitation by: Piotr Sikora, theologist and philosopher, for years practicing Christian meditation, as well as Marta Filipiuk-Michiewicz & Maja Kuczmińska.

I TURN, 11:00?13:00

Journalism Section

A1 / Wednesday?Saturday / 11?14.07

Wednesday: When everything is true

Despite the great popularity of this genre, there are controversies growing around Polish reportage

Wojciech Jagielski and journalists of „Tygodnik? invite for a talk about boundaries that reporters are not allowed to cross.

Thursday: I say: „I call”

First role of the press was to keep on eye on the moves of politicans. Now in the times where „estate” is not only the state, journalist curiosity, inquisitiveness and reliability are more important than ever.

We’ll hear how falseness is defaced in the world of post-truths from Kalina Błażejowska, journalist of „Tygodnik”.

Friday: All of my Mom’s weddings

Grażyna Makara, photojournalist of ?Tygodnik?, presents her documentary photographic project.

Saturday: Bush Polish-style

The title of the series of Polish reportages by Ryszard Kapuściński will serve us as a topic for a talk about the image of contemporary Poland in reportage.

We will talk with Michał Olszewski, a reporter, about Polish taboos, and about whether social reportage has a power to change reality.

II TURN 13:00?15:00

Politics ? empty theatre or clash of values?

A1 / Wednesday/ 11.07

How to maintain healthy distrust without falling into a nihilistic attitude of „everyone is the same”? We invite those worried with the state of Polish politics for an apolitical talk about a community focused on goodness being able to win with the community of hatred.

Hosted by Paweł Bravo, head of the domestic section of „tygodnik”.

The migrants’ century

A1 / Thursday / 12.07

66 mln refugees and a quarter billion economic migrants. This is no „migration crisis” ? we are witnessing the emergence of a new reality that will change the face of the whole world in the next decades. Should we be afraid of it?

About refugees and migrants he met in the Balkans, Lampedusa, Middle East and Africa we’ll hear from Marcin Żyła journalist and associate head editor of „Tygodnik”.

It’s not Facebook, it’s us

A1 / Friday / 13.07

„Global village” was a dream about a world of connection and understanding. Meanwhile we are divided and isolated, confused and misinformed by populists exploiting our fears. What happened? Are Zuckerberg and Cambridge Analytica to blame for all that or maybe?  it’s us?

Michał Kuźmiński invites, a journalist, associate chief editor of „Tygodnik”.

Women’s church

A1 / Saturday / 14.07

Loud question about the role of women in Christian churches is not only an obsession of a bunch of Catholic feminists. What is women’s influence on Church? What do they do in Vatican?

Zuzanna Radzik invites, theologist and religion section journalist of ?Tygodnik?.

III TURN 15:00?17:00

Testing Ground of Verbal Bouts

A1 / Wednesday?Saturday / 11?14.07

We will undertake a daring attempt to substantially discuss (but not without emotions!) about: sense of punishment, usefulness of national state, privacy in the Web and privatization. We will together asses validity and formal correctness of arguments. We will learn to recognize the most common manipulations and learn why „Eristic Dialectic” is not the best handbook of constructive discussion.

An introduction to every topic will be a short text available in cafes and at www.slot.art.pl.

prof. Włodzimierz Wróbel ? head of the Criminal Law Department of the Jagiellonian Univeristy UJ, judge of Supreme Court, in love with Chopin.

dr Michał Kućka ? because of enchanting words into texted poems, he was called a poem-clicker by his grandma.

dr Katarzyna Pałka ? helps at Student Legal Clinic and explores non-existent villages in Bieszczady.

dr Dominik Zając ? visits courts in free time and realizes his passion as an amateur carpenter.

Evening, 20:00

God Hanuman’s Empire or India in three pictures

A1 / Wednesday / 11.07

India is different than we imagine. It’s one of the most materialistic regions of the world, where the drive to power is much bigger than in the West. And at the same time ? it’s the „world’s laboratory” and an example, that diversity doesn’t have to be a cause of disintegration.

Meeting with Piotr Kłodkowski, orientalist, former Polish ambassador in New Delhi, publicist.

Himalaism ? the limits of passion

A1 / Thursday / 12.07

Expeditions to Broad Peak or K2 as an excuse to discuss risk undertaken by climbers as well as emotional and social costs that they pay. We will talk about duality of Himalayan mountaineering perception: it fascinates, but at the same time many of us doesn’t accept it ethically.

Bartek Dobroch & Przemysław Wilczyński, authors of the book „Broad Peak. Heaven and hell”.

We, the people. Rohingya in Birma & Bangladesh

A1 / Friday / 13.07

Some say it’s the most persecuted ethnic group in the world. Rohingya, the Muslims of Birma, experienced persecution on verge of genocide.

About the difficult everyday reality in Rohingya camps and massacres they they experienced in 2017 we’ll hear from Marek Rabij, journalist of „Tygodnik”, who recently came back from Bangladesh

The world of the future: Africa

A1 / Saturday / 14.07

Over 60 years after most of Africa’s countries regained independence, the continent faces a second great change. Demographic revolution will make Kinshasa and Lagos two of the biggest cities in the world; the economic growth of the whole Africa will make it, together with Asia, the mot important region of the world. Rivalry over Africa is already going on.

About paradoxes of the fastest-changing continent of the world ? Grażyna Makara & Marcin Żyła.

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