What you should know before coming to SLOT Festival

Slot Art Festival – 5 days filled with workshops, concerts, interesting people and positive energy… If you’re coming from abroad, here are a few tips on how to get to us. 🙂


Lubiąż is a small town situated on the bank of the Odra River. The town’s name is believed to derive from the archaic polish word „luby”, meaning „nice, beloved, favourite”. At the place of a former river crossing, there stands an abbey. The Abbey was built by the Benedictines in 1150, and occupied by Cistercians since 1163 until 1810. The buildings’ complex constitutes the largest Cistercian abbey in the world and is rated in the highest class of landmarks of world’s cultural heritage. This beautiful place, with its centuries- long history, richness of the green, the neighboring river, and most of all, the Cysterian Abbey is certainly a place to get inspired. And that is where Slot takes place!

From the main railway station in Wrocław you can catch a train to Wołów, where special buses to Lubiąż will be leaving from. The buses get you all the way to the Festival’s entrance gate. If you ever feel lost- don’t hesitate to ask a passer by for help. Most of the young people can speak English and will be happy to help you!

You can buy the tickets online at the Festival’s website (180 PLN until June the 12th, later – 200 PLN), or at the entrance gate (200 PLN).

Keep in mind there is no exchange point for your money neither at the place of the Festival, nor in the town of Lubiąż, so any currency exchanges you may need should be carried out in Wrocław.

A huge chunk of the Festival’s activities take place in the open air, so you may want to bring some warm, rainproof clothing with you in case of rain.

Buying a ticket to the Festival you are also provided with a space to put up your tent on the campsite.

If you need translation for a workshop you’re interested in or need to deal with any issue during SAF – feel free to communicate with us through the information desk!

In the Festival’s area there are free washing basin stands and chargeable shower units (5 PLN/ person/ shower). In addition, we run a medical service point, where a qualified rescue team can help you in case of an emergency.

SAF is the only drug and alcohol free festival in Poland. Buying, consuming and propagation of the above is strictly prohibited and actively prevented in the Festival’s area.

If you’re a blessed parent or a proud owner of a pet- feel free to bring them with you!

You’ll all have a lot of fun!

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