Programme – Special Guests 2014


Special guests, Wozownia/Carriage house, 11:00

Uncommon characters, important topics, memorable words.

09.07 – Grzegorz ‘Forin’ Piwnicki Maciej Mazurek & Konrad Kruczkowski

discussing the freedom of communication in public space.

Grzegorz Piwnicki vel Forin – graphic designer, graffiti painter, Graduate of the Graphics Department of Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. Experiments with various media. Creates installations, social projects. Well-known cover designer (incl. Kaliber 44, O.S.T.R.). He has published many works in Poland and abroad and has also done numerous independent projects.


Maciej Mazurek
Author of the blogs: and Recognized three times by Kominek as a most influential blogger in Poland. Three-time finalist of the Blog of a Year, winner in the ArtBlogs category (2012) and laureate of the main commendation of Blog of the Year 2012. On his blog he shows the office life in a distorting mirror. On the other one he writes about being a dad, books, music, advertisements and graphics.


Konrad Kruczkowski
Author of the Blog of the Year 2013 (Blog of the Bloggers, Blog of the Year in the „Politics, journalistic writing and society” category, special prize of Zielona Sowa publishing house): Konrad about himself: „I studied theology before and the „core” of my interests revolved around so-called moral theology. I dedicated very much of my time to reading and meditating on the right way to live. Quite late I have discovered, that most of the people do not need a degree to do that.”

konrad kruczkowski

10.07 – prof. Jan Miodek

Populariser of the knowledge about Polish language, wide-known from the show Ojczyzna Polszczyzna, broadcasted for 20 years by Polish TV. Polish linguist, professor and the head of the institute of Polish Philology at Warsaw University, member of the Linguistics Committee of Polish Academy of Sciences and the Polish Language Council.
Passion in talking about language, sensitivity towards changes taking place in it and an enormous didactical talent of professor Miodek are a guarantee of an unusual meeting.

Jan Miodek 2006

11.07 – prof. Stephen Williams

He studied at, Cambridge, Yale; was a lecturer and a tutor of several renowned universities (incl. Oxford), currently is a theology professor in Belfast (Union Theological College). He has a remarkable ability of explaining complex philosophical and theological questions. His lectures are always met with great interest.

12.07 – Władysław Frasyniuk

Citizen of Wrocław, activist and leader of Solidarność (solidarity) in Lower Silesia in the ‘80s. Upon the events of that time, which he was a part of, the film 80 milionów (80 million) was created. He was imprisoned many times for opposition activities in the times of PRL (Polish People’s Republic). He took part in the talks at the Round Table. In 1991-2001 for three turns had a deputy seat in Polish parliament. Presently isn’t active in political life, but remains its attentive observer.

W-adys-aw Frasyniuk 2

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