Programme-Special Guests 2013


Robert Friedrich – Litza

He doesn’t need any introduction to SLOT people or rock fans. The list of bands and projects he’s played in are crazy: Acid Drinkers, Turbo, Flapjack, 2 Tm 2:3, KNŻ, Arka Noego, and the latest – Luxtorpeda, whose SLOT concert last year was a huge success.

Music isn’t Litza’s only passion. He’s also a father of 7 kids and a grandpa. We’ll talk about family, love, faith and important life decisions.

Meet Litza- Wednesday July 10, 13.00 Carriage House, location 53


Krzysztof Czyżewski

He’s involved in culture, an essayist, director of the center “Borders- art, culture, nations”. In 2012-2013 he was the director of European Artistic Capital of Culture 2016. He works to preserve, rebuild and develop the rich heritage of local Central European culture. His model of multi-cultural and multi-religion dialogue has been used in countries touched by was and ethnic conflicts such as Bosnia, Armenia and Georgia.

Come meet Krzysztof Czyżewski and be inspired by his ideas about culture.

Thursday, July 11, 13.00, Carriage House, location 53

krzysztof czyzewski

Tomasz Budzyński

The most exceptional works of art are already sacred, they work like icons, which are windows- you open the window and see heaven. This is a very important issue because it is a question of the meaning and purpose of art. For me it is obvious.

Tomasz Budzyński, Tygodnik Powszechny 10/2010

Tomasz Budzynski is not only the leader and vocalist for Armia, but he’s also a painter, poet and film maker. We’ll talk about art- where it comes from and what the purpose is.

Meet Tomek Budzinski Friday July 12, 13.00, Carriage House, location 53.

tomasz budzynski fot archiwum wlasne

Allan Bussard

How do we deal with the problem of poverty? What works and what makes it worse? Do we who live in Poland have any influence on what happens on the other side of the world?

Allan is a Canadian who has been involved for over 30 years in developmental projects. He regularly visits Africa, giving advice to local groups and international organizations. He’s seen the poverty and struggles of Africans first-hand and not only on a computer screen. His foundation, Integra, focuses on supporting micro- businesses and encourages responsible business.

Meet Allan Bussard- Saturday, July 13, 13.00, Carriage House, location 53

allan bussard

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